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With Our Eyes Open

The Last Mud Season - Acrylic with Pastel 24" x 21"

The Last Mud Season - Acrylic with Pastel 24" x 21"

Reception Monday 12/11 4-7p.m.

Despite the fact that women earn half the MFA degrees in the country, only a quarter of the exhibitions in New York galleries feature women and only 5% of art on display in U.S. museums was made by women (Carol Pelletier, Breaking Ground).  With Our Eyes Open reflects on the state of women’s voices in the Arts in 2017 by bringing together two institutions founded to provide preparation and platforms for women— The Cambridge School of Weston (originally, The Cambridge School for Girls) and The National Association of Women Artists, NAWA, (originally, the Women’s Art Club). With eyes on progressive principles, both institutions were created to provide women with opportunities for their voices to flourish in a cultural atmosphere of inequality.

With Our Eyes Open is juried and curated by Todd Bartel, Gallery Director at Thompson Gallery, the Cambridge School of Weston.

Above image inspired by Troy Hess photo



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Radar - Artlery 160 Gallery

Screen Shot 2018-01-25 at 10.21.34 AM.png

“RADAR” is our awareness of the many dimensions of climate change, from the past to the current day, and as well as what we may expect in the future as we confront the realities of this life-changing issue. A visual interpretation of how humans are using up the world's resources. 

No Exit - Acrylic with Pastel Markings - 28"x 20"

No Exit - Acrylic with Pastel Markings - 28"x 20"


Juried by David Thomson and Tameka Eastman-Coburn (Gallery Director) of @artlery160 gallery.

Opening Reception: Saturday, February 17, noon-6p.m.

May Day Reception: Tuesday, May 1



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Sail On Silver Girl - Acrylic with Pastel - 33" x 39"

Sail On Silver Girl - Acrylic with Pastel - 33" x 39"

National Association of Women Artist MA Group Show Charles Gallery  Gloucester MA

This exhibition is a visual interpretation of Maya Angelou's poem titled "Phenomenal Woman". It's theme reflects on feminine nature - strong, beautiful, proud, and self-sufficient.
Featuring 26 contemporary works by 22 artists from the National Association of Women Artists, Massachusetts Chapter (, the exhibit was juried and curated by Ted and Jan Charles, Directors of Charles Fine Arts. Show runs 7/3-7/30

Opening Reception: Saturday, July 8, 5-7PM

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6:00 PM18:00

Reading & Discussion-Genealogy Club-Newbury Town Library

A discussion and reading from The Last Daughter of Elizabeth Light will focus on how the research of my family history led to writing a fictional family saga. As the novel works backward from Lizzie Kurtz, a modern woman, to her family’s connection to Mary Wollstonecraft and the women’s rights movement of the late 1700s, it reveals the indelible impression left on each generation by the one before it. These eight women and one man are inexorably connected by more than just a bloodline. 

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On The Map - 3S Art Space

On The Map: A Juried Exhibit with Christopher French
Exhibit dates: August 5 - September 3, 2016
Opening Reception: Friday, August 5, 5-8pm

For this exhibit, 3S is partnering with Long Island based artist, critic and curator Christopher French to select the strongest sampling of contemporary visual artists from our region.

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